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Tired of keeping track of racks full of hardware that might be just sitting there doing nothing?

As an IT Leader you need to be able to focus on the needs of your business and you shouldn't have to worry about that piece of hardware that keeps failing or high expenses because your teams needs capacity to test a new application. Infrastructure-as-a-Service makes it easier to do your job:

Shift your focus from infrastructure management to business needs

We know how much work it is to manage IT infrastructure well. We make building and managing networks and bare metal our core business, so you don't have to anymore. Your own IT department can focus on real business value: the applications and services. Our infrastructure services allow you to focus on developing and deploying new business needs in stead of sleepless nights worrying about availability incidents and storage capacity expansion.

Cost savings

Managing IT infrastructure means maintaining hardware and networking equipment, replacing old equipment, installing security patches, monitoring services and performing software upgrades. It requires investing in a healthy server capacity surplus to deal with sudden business spikes. Our state of the art tools and pooled multi-tenancy delivery model allow us to create scale and efficiently to let our customers benefit from lower cost.

Variable costs without upfront investments

No more fixed overhead costs, no more minimum usage commitment, no more upfront costs or one-time fees, no more Service Request fees for changes, no more hidden costs in the fine print. It's all listed on our website. Our utility-style service pricing is transparent and it is pay-per-use only.

Access enterprise-grade infrastructure

Our platform provides enterprise-grade services to two-man startups and large enterprises alike. This means advanced features like loadbalancing redundancy, autoscaling and virtual networking are no longer exclusively available to the largest enterprises. Even small and medium sized businesses now have access to such enterprise-grade and truly elastic infrastructure with our services.

Safeguard your data and intellectual property

Security is important to us. Our platform is designed to assure that intruders and other customers cannot get access to your data. All our services are hosted in The Netherlands and covered by Dutch law and European Union privacy directives, which assures your data remains yours only at all times and prohibits US PATRIOT-like unfettered government access.