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We know we're not the only company providing Cloud-based infrastructure and development services.

We're certainly not the biggest and might not be the cheapest and that's okay because here's why our customers choose to work with us:


We actively engage with our customers on designing their applications and systems for and deploying them on our services. We enjoy sitting down with our clients to share our Cloud Computing based filosophy, recommendations and best practices on software architecture and helping them to make optimal use of our services.


We keep our services, pricing and conditions simple. We believe something is terribly wrong when a service has so many options that customers cannot figure out how to get the product that suits their needs, when it feels impossible to figure out the pricing for it, and when you need to worry about legal fineprint.


We are committed to Open Standards. This is why we have built our services using OpenStack technology, giving our customers access to services and API's based on Open Standards. We work to retain your business by providing an excellent service, not by creating vendor lock-in!


We take your privacy and security just as serious as our own. With ServerBiz your data is privacy protected by Dutch and EU regulation. This means that neither we nor any government agency is allowed access to your data and no just handing over your data to the police or secret service of The Netherlands or any other.