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We are an international Cloud service provider headquartered in The Hague, The Netherlands with an extensive history in technology services.

ServerBiz has been founded by Roy Boverhof and Tom Verdaat and started over 10 years ago as an internet and web-hosting agency, we were one of the earliest adopters of OpenStack, Ceph and related Cloud technologies.

We operate our public and private clouds using our own deployment and management systems and a custom architecture optimized for maximum performance, reliability, scalability, control and interoperability.

Our in-house team of specialists is here to assure the quality, agility and reliability that you need for a great customer experience.

As a company we are firmly committed to open standards, collaboration and interoperability. As such, we actively participate in and contribute to numerous Open Source projects and believe in sharing our work with the community whenever we can.

Our activities besides Public and Private Cloud services include Cloud-native web application development and consulting on strategy, architecture, transformation and migration challenges when moving to the Cloud.

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