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As a developer there is no more getting around "the cloud", it makes your life a lot easier

A bold statement? Not really. Having developed applications for large enterprises for over 10 years we know how hard it can be to request and obtain IT infrastructure, get your environment configured properly or get something as simple as a firewall rule implemented. In our cloud we empower you with the tools you need to get your job done quicker and more efficiently.

Instantly launch new environments

Need a development or testing environment right now? Don't want to wait for your production environment anymore to be able launch your new product? With our elastic infrastructure at your disposal you can have all the infrastructure that you need up and running within minutes.

Rapidly deploy and scale your services as needed

Beating the competition by deploying new features faster, the pleasant surprise of your product growing faster than expected, or just record numbers of visitors to your website due to a last minute marketing campaign. Sometimes you need to move fast, deploy your services quickly or scale computing capacity up immediately. Sometimes you want an easy way to downscale after peak season or for a legacy application that is nearing end-of-life. Whenever you need to, our elastic infrastructure provides the flexible capacity and autoscaling that your business needs.

Full data center capabilities at your fingertips

Today it's a single machine web-server, tomorrow you might want to build a large scale High Availiability cluster using multiple machines, networks, firewalls and load balancing. We provide the capabilities of a data center, but better: real elasticity with direct dashboard and API access and control, and without the burden of having to procure and maintain hardware.

Connect and integrate directly using open standards

Whether it's one of your on-premise applications, a customer or supplier system or some cloud service, modern business applications, servers and systems rarely stand alone. We provide API's and SDK's based on open standards to let you connect and orchestrate your services.