Want to try our private cloud solution first?


Private clouds are usually built to order but can also be rented in our base configuration

Based on your preference we can offer your the following solutions:


We take care of everything: hardware, datacenter, connectivity. You receive the credentials to access our dashboard and API and can fully manage your private cloud from there.

A turn-key hosted private cloud starts at:

  • 432 gigabytes of compute memory
  • 128 gigahertz of compute CPU power
  • 120 terabytes of storage
  • 40 gigabit low latency internal networking
  • 1 or 10 gigabit internet connectivity
Additional capacity can be added in multitudes of 16 CPU cores, 96Gb of memory and 4 Tb of storage.

Contact us for pricing and more information.


Want your Private Cloud at a data center of your own choosing? Prefer your data on-premise or at a third party IT outsourcing or co-location provider? That’s fine too. We build Private Clouds anywhere our clients need them.

This option requires a bit more planning / discussion, our minimal setup requires roughly 8 to 10 servers to operate in a highly-available configuration.

CPU, memory, networking and storage can all be configured to suit your workloads and requirements.

Please contact us and let us know your specific needs so we can design a bespoke cloud for you.