Want to try our private cloud solution first?


Many organizations prefer to have a Private Cloud over using Public Clouds simply because it gives them more performance, security, flexibility and cost control.

A Hosted Private Cloud also comes without the effort, challenges and upfront investments of building and operating a Cloud. With our fully managed hosted service you get your own hassle-free and battle tested Private Cloud and access to the latest Public Cloud technologies and best practices. By letting us taking care of your Cloud, you can focus on using it to develop, automate and deploy your applications.

We believe that a good Private Cloud is about much more than the features included: how it is delivered makes all the difference.

As a true Cloud operator we offer a proven turnkey solution based on our own Public Cloud technologies and best practices. Our fully managed service includes the hardware, software and expertise needed to keep it performing optimally at all times. If you need more flexibility we also offer managed solutions built on top of your existing infrastructure.

Learn more about the features of our private cloud or have a look at our private-cloud specifications.


No need to start off with a big hardware acquisition bill and a costly and lengthy design & build project. The hardware is included so you can start using your new Private Cloud right away and without any upfront investments.


Our Private Cloud pricing combines the best of both worlds: predictability and pay-per-use. With an all costs included price per server you pay for actual resource use only without any hidden costs or surprises.


Shift focus to consuming your infrastructure in stead of maintaining it with this fully-managed and hosted service. Let our experts take care of all the day-to-day system monitoring, maintenance, updates and upgrades.


From 40 gigabit low-latency networking to distributed storage: every aspect in our platform is designed for high performance computing and demanding workloads.


Private really does mean dedicated resources for us. Our Private Clouds are 100% single-tenant. All compute, networking and storage systems deployed are dedicated to you and you alone.


We design our custom architecture for reliability and high-availability in order to ensure the continuity of your business. Power supplies, networks, and services are all redundant. Data is stored on the redundant, distributed Ceph filesystem that provides both scalability and reliability for high performance workloads.


“Eat your own dogfood” is not just a policy for us, it is what we live by. Every change, fix and upgrade we apply to Private Clouds is tested and applied on our Public Cloud infrastructure first.


Is your business suddenly taking off? Our architecture allows us to easily scale up to hundreds of machines and our modular design allows adding or removing capacity as we go.


New releases with bug fixes and new functionality appear upstream all the time, so we keep our Clouds up to date. We also add the features that we develop for our Public Cloud to our Private Cloud service automatically and without additional charge.